Waiver Application

General requirements and important information
There is always a drone ban in the no-fly zone, which is a radius of 5km from an airport or heliport. If you receive a license to fly in this area, this is considered an express waiver and must be adhered to exactly as stated.

  • It must be in compliance with the legal requirements and the Code of Conduct of the Swiss Associations of Civilian Drones.
  • Waivers will only be granted to licensed drone pilots with a DUE level license.
  • Exceptions will only be granted if there are no alternative options for recording photos or videos.
  • A maximum altitude of 100m will be granted.
  • The drone must be equipped with a logging system. The log file must be submitted to the Engadin Airport for evaluation after completion of the flights.
  • The waiver costs CHF 120.–.
  • The waiver will be issued in writing.
  • The conditions of the waiver permit must be complied with at all times.
  • DThe waiver concerns only the use of airspace and does not include permits from municipalities, landowners or individuals. These must be obtained separately by the pilot.
  • The Engadin Airport AG reserves the right to suspend, cancel or impose additional conditions or restrictions at any time. Therefore, the drone pilot must always be reachable by phone.
  • The waiver must be with the pilot at all times in case of an inspection.
  • The waiver will be sent to the Graubünden Cantonal Police.