Dos and don'ts

Here you can find out how drone flights are regulated in the Upper Engadin.

This platform is a resource for any drone pilots who want to take photos and videos in and around St. Moritz. You will also find information about flying areas, regulations and licensing here. It is also possible to obtain approval to fly your drone using this online form. If you receive a license, this is an express waiver and must be adhered to exactly as stated. Because there is a no-fly zone in the five kilometres around an airfield or heliport, there is always a drone ban in these areas. The exception to this are small drones up to 500 grams, and even these smaller drones can have serious consequences for people and air traffic and must be flown responsibly. In addition, all drone flights are prohibited in protected wildlife areas and over large crowds.

Flight area

Drone Flights in the Upper Engadin

Drone Flight Area

Drone flights 5 km around the Engadin Airport in Samedan and the St. Moritz heliport as well as over hunting areas are forbidden. This includes the following municipalities: La Punt, Bever, Samedan, Celerina, Pontresina, St. Moritz, Silvaplana.

Drone Flight Authorization

Exceptions to this prohibition may be obtained through the online form. Since December 1st, 2018, only licensed pilots receive a drone flight exception. Those who are not licensed pilots may use their drone to shoot photos or video in the company of a licensed pilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

All frequently asked questions about drones can be found at www.bazl.admin.ch/faq. The Engadiner Post published an informative article about drones in the Engadin focusing on the dangers and benefits of civilians flying drones. Download Article.


I fly safely, therefore…

  • …I know the laws and follow them
  • …I control my drone safely
  • …I respect the personal space of others
  • …I do not endanger people or animals
  • …I do not fly in closed nature reserves
  • …I check with local authorities if there are flight restrictions
  • …I avoid other aircrafts flying at the same time
  • …I have proper insurance

Without Authorization, I do not fly…

  • …closer than 5 km to airports or heliports
  • …over 150 m above the ground in control zones
  • …near emergency zones
  • …within 100m of large crowds
  • …without direct visual contact with the drone
  • …with devices over 30 kg 

Detailed information about flying rules available at www.bazl.admin.ch/rules.

Drone licensing

Every drone makes its way back to earth eventually thanks to gravity. The question is how and where. In order to answer it, one must have certain technical and legal knowledge as well as practice in flying a drone/multicopter. For this reason, the TCS and 1a Luftaufnahmen offer “Beginner” and “Basic” courses. The beginner course is aimed at aspiring drone pilots and the basic course requires some prior experience in handling drones.

Since early 2018, with two course options “Uno” and “Due,” one can train to become a licensed pilot and earn money by making their passion into a profession. As of December 1, 2018, pilots need a DUE license to be granted a drone flight exemption in the Upper Engadin. Drone pilots who do not have this license must use their drone to take recordings in the company of a licensed pilot.

Drone Guide

The Drone Guide helps drone pilots recognize whether they are allowed to fly in desired zones without restrictions and explains which permits must be obtained. The Engadin Airport will gladly provide contact information for licensed drone pilots in the Engadin on request.